Adaptable Building Solutions


Butterworth Building provides a range of services designed to meet and exceed expectations. Services include but are not limited to:

  1. Design – Butterworth Building have hand selected quality certified draftsmen and architects who we have aligned ourselves with.
  2. Applications – we can prepare and submit all statutory and local authority applications as per your needs.
  3. Tenders and Estimates– Butterworth Building has the ability to provide:
    a. Cost plans – Indicative budgets based off inceptive drawings
    b. Lump Sum Tenders – Complete lump sum tenders based off detailed documentation.
  4. Management and Administration – Butterworth Building has well developed systems to administrate all project styles. Whether your preferred procurement method is a fixed price lump sum, cost plus or construction management basis. Our vision is to always plan ahead.
  5. Site management / coordination – Butterworth Building’s site management and coordination is second to none. We have experienced site managers and staff who have extensive knowledge in quality, custom style projects.
  6. Safety management – Butterworth Building has well developed site specific safety plans across all of our projects. Our safety plans ensure a safe working environment across all of our sites.
  7. Building Maintenance – We provide building maintenance and services.