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About Butter worth Building

Butterworth Building was established in 1995 as a company who constructs custom built projects. Prior to 1995, the principal, Kevin Butterworth traded as a sole trader and in partnership which commenced the culture of Butterworth Building to produce quality, unique homes.From these beginnings,  Butterworth Building has grown to provide services to the commercial arena. Project management, contract administration, site management, quality tradespeople and a dedicated office headed by Shayne Neilson form the services provided by this passionate builder. Butter worth Building has been a member of the HIA for 16 years and also a member of the Master Builder’s Association. Priding themselves on quality construction, delivering final products to a programmed schedule, Butterworth Building provides a path of ease in the building process.

Kevin Butterworth


Commencing as a shipwright and joiner prior to completing his carpentry trade, Kevin has brought into his trade a great ethic towards completing quality tailored projects. Kevin progressed from carpenter to builder maintaining his integrity and commitment to the project and client. In a career that has spanned 33 years, Kevin has built individual tailor made residences, unit developments and commercial carpentry projects. Butterworth Building will continue to provide the distinctive flair to each and every project, with Kevin in his role of construction manager.